She’s a paper figure…rips apart when the rain comes….please do not touch…do not call her name…she will sink into YOU.

In Editorials♥, SHE ♥s to INSPIRE souls. on February 23, 2010 at 9:54 pm

via shhhpthrushbone:  myideaofsex (via hoanbee)Na Srebrnym Globie (On The Silver Globe)thrushbone:  by fatale femmes [Petra Collins and Laura-Lynn Petrick] (via ovimeo)Merry Valentine’s Day. Repeat. Macaulay.Arsenal.Stone.Forever. https://i0.wp.com/data.tumblr.com/qoXAtsJnN1pd6t81zjO0lr97_400.jpg Katarina Soskic. Window blinds. Longing.No pain, no gain. Roawrrrr. I haz stick! Click Click! Ballooooooons. Three missing. Lose it. Hideaway. Sacha Maric. Brad Harris. Tear down this wall. Mattresshorn. Couch. Reminds me of a flickr group which is called “HAHAHAHAHAHAHUH?”.addsubtract:  Vogue Paris March 2010 | Iselin Steiro by David Sims | Fashion Gone Roguekeng001:  (via knockedout)Nicole KidmanAnastasija Kondratjevasnowce:Aroused (Anton Holden; 1966)Photo by Jan ScholzMasha KirsanovaPhoto by Evgeny Boxeraddsubtract:  thingsthatexciteme:  Kemp MuhlRebus Exhibition, La Chapelle des Calvairiennes in Mayenne, France. By Jules Julien.Rebus Exhibition, La Chapelle des Calvairiennes in Mayenne, France. By Jules Julien.1/03/09: Rules - blank paper + thread + tape + exacto1/04/09: Dead Fly in Web1/10/09: Bulb1/24/09: Shattered coffee cup1/25/09: Shattered banana peel3/6/09: :(3/8/09: lampLandscapes, Landscape III, 2008120x100cm & 60x50cmLandscapes, Landscape IV, 2008120x100cm & 60x50cmmyparentswereawesome:  Dale Submitted by Butnora(via eeelizabeth)Chrissie WhiteTunnel Vision… | ZIBA SPACE®eeelizabeth:snakecharmer:   Anthony Perkins sleeping between takes on the set of Psycho, 1960. (via unpunk)http://www.mocatishu.ch/files/kodritsch1.jpgRaf Simons Redux XI by Rufus.Knight.Raf Simons Redux X by Rufus.Knight.

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